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Trainings being offered

IF you or anyone on your department has completed training please email us those records so we may keep a copy on file at the EMA office, These records will help us for future projects and help us maintain compliance. Email to Brandon Look at

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Lincoln County EMA invites you to MGT-416: Introduction to Continuity of Government Planning for Rural Jurisdictions



525 Main Street Damariscotta, ME 04543

When: Thursday August 15, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


MGT-416 is an 8-hour planning & management course designed to help governmental officials and emergency responders in rural areas with the development of continuity plans that will help ensure essential government services remain functional across a spectrum of emergencies. This course will expose participants to the benefits of developing continuity of government plans in their communities.


Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Develop or strengthen current continuity plans

  • Address resource needs

  • Succession planning

  • Plan for alternate/redundant communications

  • Designate Alternate facilities

  • Authority delegation

  • Identify critical equipment needs

  • Ensure personnel are properly trained


This course involves continuity planning for all facets of local government. Administrators, elected officials, school officials, community volunteers and 1st responders are all strongly encouraged to attend.  


If you wish to attend, CLICK HERE or click the link in the attached flyer. We do need to have at least 25 people sign-up in order hold this class; so please add your name to the list so we can continue to bring this & future courses to the area.


To register, all participants will need a FEMA Student Identification Number. You can create a SID by going to FEMA Student Identification (SID) System ( or contact the Lincoln County EMA office for assistance.

MEMA link to classes being offered around the state 

Below you will find course descriptions for classes that can be offered to your Fire Department, Law Enforcement Department, or Specialty Team.

These should be signed up for as a group, typically on meeting/training nights.

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(If you do not receive one in you inbox please check your spam/junk folder.

If no email was received please contact us at: )

Thank You for your class registration!

You should receive a confirmation e-mail shortly.

All training hosted by Lincoln County EMA will be posted on this page

If your department is holding a training session that is open to all departments in the county,

we will post it onto this page upon request.


Posting requests should be sent to the email address below:


Give us a call here at the office: 207-882-7559

You will need a FEMA SID Number to participate in the 300 & 400 Classes

If you don't already have one, CLICK HERE to get yours today!

                                                            FEMA SID # Application

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