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Lincoln County EMA's

Project lifesaver

            The Lincoln County EMA's Project Lifesaver program serves the needs of children and adults with autism, Down syndrome or a cognitive impairment, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s that may cause them to chronically wander and not find their way back home.


             Project Lifesaver clients wear a wrist or ankle band that emits a silent radio frequency. When caregivers notify the EMA Office that their loved one is missing, specially-trained Emergency Management Personnel respond to the area and conduct a search with state-of-the-art locating equipment. Project Lifesaver has a 100 percent success rate in locating wandering children and adults and bringing them safely home.   


              After an EMA Staff Member meets with the client and caregiver to put on the wrist or ankle band,

he or she will visit the client every 60 days to replace the transmitter battery and band.

              EMA can electronically update client information, such as height and weight, a photograph, medical issues and favorite hiding places without having to rely on site visits or paper files.


               Project Lifesaver equipment will be funded through individual / corporate donations & grants. 

Our cost per client is $300 per year. This service will be at little to no cost* to the client/care giver once approved into our program.

                                                               *please see the Caregiver Contract for full details

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 Are you a caregiver of someone who may wander? or know of anyone who is?  & are interested please read or share the following:

  1. The client must be a resident of Lincoln County and have a legally responsible caregiver willing to place the client in the program.

   2. Download a Project Lifesaver Application      on behalf of the potential client and caregiver.


   3. Download a Caregiver Contract     .


   4. Complete both documents and mail them to:


 Lincoln County EMA

"Project Lifesaver"

P.O. Box 249

Wiscasset, ME 04578




Note: you may be put on a waiting list after you submit the above documents. Questions? Please send us an email: 


Give us a call here at the Office: 207-882-7559.

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