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Local Emergency Planning Committee

Purpose: The LEPC is a group that works to protect the citizens of Lincoln County by promoting hazardous material safety in all areas of our community. The LEPC is designed to advise, educate, and be a resource for our community around hazardous materials locally and county-wide. The LEPC roles include receiving inventory for facilities, developing a response plan around the materials, providing education for responders around the materials, and educating the public.


The LEPC assists with developing safety and emergency plans around hazardous materials that are reviewed annually. Information that the LEPC receives on hazardous materials can be made available upon request by the public.

Every LEPC serves as a focal point for each community for information and discussions about hazardous substances, emergency planning, and health and environmental risks. The LEPC can be effective in educating the public about chemical risks and working with businesses and facilities to minimize those risks.


LEPCs in Maine are organized at the County level and membership, as defined by law, should include representation from:

  • Elected Officials

  • Law Enforcement

  • Emergency Management

  • Fire Service

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Public Health

  • Environmental Groups

  • Hospitals

  • Transportation

  • Media

  • General Public

  • Facility Employees

  • Community Groups

  • Facility Operators

Community Right to Know 

The LEPCs have established a Community Right to Know Program that includes the chemicals that have been reported to the LEPC by local business and facilities. 

LEPCs roles and responsibilities as outline by The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)  U.S.C. T-42.116 

Hazardous Materials

Many solids, gasses and liquids used in the production of fuels, medicines, plastics, and other products and processes in our community are classified as hazardous. Hazardous materials are used. stored and transported daily throughout the country.

Under most circumstances, these materials are handled safely. However, when improperly handled, disposed of or released these substances can become hazardous to people and the environment necessitating coordinated planning for emergencies.

Hazardous materials have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Corrosive

  • Flammable

  • Poisonous

  • Toxic Fumes


Click the video for a brief overview of the LEPC and what it does for the community! 


Click to see the National LEPC Handbook! 


Important Links and Documents

- Lincoln County LEPC By-Laws

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~Maine SERC/Federal Reference Materials~

~EPCRA Fact Sheet~

~30 Years of EPCRA~

~Maine SERC/Federal Reference Materials~




Next Meeting is Scheduled for October 19th @1400
Anyone is welcome to join! 

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