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Lincoln County Emergency Communication Team

 Want to join?   Click here for a printable  :   EMERGENCY Communications Team Application

     Lincoln County Emergency Communications Team (Amateur/GMRS Radio Team) is an addition of Lincoln County EMA Department.


     Amateur Radio, commonly referred to as ham radio, has been used for communication since the late 19th century. Practices used today were developed in the early 20th century. Amateur radio has been used for a variety of purposes: wireless telegraph, science, engineering, social services, STEM, and education.


Today Amateur Radio plays an important roll in emergency communications "When all else fails" is their moto. Amateur radio was used as a main communication device, when systems failed, in many events over the last 20+ years to name a few:

Sept 11, 2001 Terror Attack on the USA in NYC, PA, and DC Most communications systems in NYC went through the World Trade Center including the Cities Emergency Operations Center (EOC) after its collapse Amateur Radio was a large contributor to communications inside and outside of NYC until Comms could be restored.

On September 2, 2004, ham radio was used to inform weather forecasters with information on Hurricane Frances live from the Bahamas.

On December 26, 2004, an earthquake and resulting tsunami across the Indian Ocean wiped out all communications with the Andaman Islands, except for a DX-pedition (Ham Radio operations set up for the purpose of communications remotely to an area of the earth may hams wish to contact) that provided a means to coordinate relief efforts

8/29/2005 Hurricane Katrina  in New Orleans, LA when all communications were lost in the city. More than a thousand ham operators from all over the U.S. converged on the Gulf Coast in an effort to provide emergency communications assistance. Subsequent Congressional hearings highlighted the Amateur Radio response as one of the few examples of what went right in the disaster relief effort.

April 15, 2013 Amateur radio operators provided communications in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing when cellphone systems became overloaded.

**01/14/2022 Tonga Volcano eruption crippled communications to the island. Only a few hams live on the island but no other forms of communication were capable of being used.** see video below

Yearly during Tornados, Floods, Wild Fires, Hurricanes to pass critical information along to the NWS, NHC and EMA, Fire & Police this insures the public can be informed and lives and property can be saved.

Many of the Volunteers put in there own money and equipment to insure communications are never lost.

Please take a moment to watch the videos below to learn more about this invaluable hobby and service to the community. If you are interested in joining us feel free to apply. FCC License not needed to join and we welcome all that have a desire to serve the community and are willing to learn about communications.

There is truly something for everyone in the Hobby of Ham Radio.





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AMATEUR-K1LX repeater 146.985Mhz -0.6 PL 136.5
GMRS-WRQU806 repeater 462.575+ MHz (CH 16r), 179.9 Hz CTCSS (Code 29).


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Above: Emergency Operations Center (EOC)    Below: Communication Operation Vehicle (COV)


The website for the Lincoln County Amateur Radio Club

Not affiliated with the EMA

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