Ham Team ~ Amateur Radio

     Lincoln County HAM Team (Amateure Radio Team) is newest addition of Lincoln County EMA Department.


     Ammauter Radio, commonly refered to as ham radio, has been used for communication since the late 19th century. Practices used today were developed in the early 20th century. Amateur radio has been used for a variety of purposes: wireless telegraph,science, engineering, social services, and education.


According to wikipedia, "The term "ham radio" was first a pejorative that mocked amateur radio operators with a 19th-century term for being bad at something, like "ham-fisted" or "ham actor". It had already been used for bad wired telegraph operators.  Subsequently, the community adopted it as a welcome moniker, much like the "Know-Nothing Party", or other groups and movements throughout history. Other, more entertaining explanations have grown up throughout the years, but they are apocryphal."



 Want to join?   Click here for a printable  :  HAM  Team Application