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The Hazard Mitigation survey for Lincoln County


Sandy Gilbreath

Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission


Re: Lincoln County Planning Commission Soliciting Resident Input on Natural Disaster Mitigation Actions


Wiscasset, Maine - The Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission (LCRPC) is partnering with the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency (LCEMA) to update the Lincoln County Hazard Mitigation Plan. They are asking for participation from residents, organizations, and businesses to provide input about areas in the town susceptible to natural disasters and potential actions to mitigate them. Examples can be noting areas prone to flooding during a storm, needed maps or public education information, infrastructure projects, or erosion control and conservation practices. More information on Hazard Mitigation planning and practices can be found at:


The benefit of completing a Hazard Mitigation Plan is eligibility for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation grants. The plan is updated once every five years. With resident assistance, the County can more effectively assess different municipality’s needs, and determine the correct mitigation measures that will work for the community.


Residents are encouraged to access the survey via the link here They can also find the link on the LCRPC, and LCEMA websites. Anyone requiring a paper copy can request one be mailed to them by emailing, or calling (207) 882-4271.


“We are excited to be learning about communities in order to update the plan, and to be increasing access to funding for Lincoln County municipalities on these important projects to make towns safer,” says LCRPC County Planner Emily Rabbe.

Please direct any questions to the LCRPC or LCEMA.



The Hazard Mitigation survey for residents is here!

Click this link to take the survey!

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