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New *2023* easier way to submit ID Applications for FIRE, EMS, TOWN/COUNTY, EMA


Click on QR code to go to the online form

For Fire, EMS, Scan or CLICK on the QR code at the top of the page to fill out the form online *Authorization still required from Authorized Persons ie. Fire Chief*

Special Team ID Applications are now available via Jot Form! (R.A.C.E.S., S.A.R and Lincoln County Rescue Task Force)

For Town/County officials or County Employees click the link below for the General application that is fillable online. *Supervisor needs to email approval to*

 Fillable Local ID Forms

 - ID Badge Request form: ***Law Enforcement***
- General Application Fillable Form
-EMS Application Fillable Form
-Fire Fighter Fillable Form

***Below are paper forms. These take longer to process then the above method***

ID Badge Request Form for all agencies: Fire, LEMA, EMS
Paper Forms for Law Enforcement
General Application 


*Please submit a photo via email for all ID requests (If using online request forms photos can be directly uploaded on form and do not need to be emailed)
(We request that the photos are taken with a light background.) 

 Please, NO selfies. Thank you.

Click here to email ID photos and ID applications:

Need to fax any ID requests? Fax it to our office: 207-882-7550


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