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We're Moving!

Lincoln County EMA is moving - but not far.

Friday the 27th of January marked the start of moving EMA to the "new to us" office. We are leaving our friends at Lincoln County 9-1-1 and moving back into the Courthouse. The office will be located on the first floor across from the Probate Office - enter through the main door, left at top of the stairs after screening, follow the hallway taking another left, and the office is the first door on the left, Room 8.

The migration across the upper parking lot should be completed by the end of this week. All points of contact, emails, phone numbers, fax line, snail mail, etc. will remain the same. The physical address will be 32 High Street, Wiscasset, ME however, the mailing address will remain P.O. Box 249, Wiscasset.

Through out this move, EMA remains open for regular business, from general questions to emergency support.

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