Town of Westport Island

Settled: as Jeremysquam

Incorporated:1774 as a part of Freetown, becoming Westport in 1828

Area: 14.24 sq. miles (36.88 km sq.)

          8.81 sq. mil. (22.82km)  is land

          5.43 sq. mi. (14.06 km) is water.

Population: 718 (2010 census)


Town Office:

     Location: 6 Fowles Point Road


           Treasurer/Tax/Excise Tax Collector: Tuesdays 12-noon - 7 pm

                                                                          Thursdays 9:00 - 2:00 pm

           Town Clerk: Tuesdays 12-noon -7:00 pm

                                 Thursdays 9:00-2:00 pm

     Telephone: 207-882-8477


     Social Media:

                            Westport Island- A blog about "Life on the Rock"



    The Local Emergency Management Director for WPI is Roger Higgins, with Gaye Wagner serving as Deputy Director. (bio)



    Emergency Medical Services is provided by the Westport First Responders lead by Director Roger Quant and transport services by Wiscasset Ambulance Service.


Fire Services:


Law Enforcement:

     Law Enforcement is provided by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office



      All dispatching and emergency communications are provided by Lincoln County 9-1-1 Communications.






Lincoln County EMA

P.O. Box 249, Wiscasset, Maine 04578-0249

Office: 207-882-7559

Fax: 207-882-7550

Our office is located at the Lincoln County Court House,  32 High Street in Wiscasset, Maine

Regular Office Hours are: Monday through Friday 08:00 am to 04:30 pm.

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