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Town of Waldoboro

Settled: 1733

Incorperated: June 29, 1773

Area: 78.86 sq. miles (204.25 km sq.)

           71.50 sq. miles (185.18 km sq.)  is land

           7.36 sq. miles (19.06 km sq.) is water.

Population: 5,075 (2010 census)


Town Office:

     Location: 1600 Atlantic Highway, Waldoboro, Maine 04572

     Hours: Mon - Fri: 830 am - 4:30 pm

     Telephone: 207-832-5369 voice   207-832-6061 fax


     Social Media:



    The Local Emergency Management Director for Waldoboro is Kyle Santheson. (bio)




Fire Services:


Law Enforcement:

     Law Enforcement is provided by the Waldoboro Police Department under the watchful eye of Chief Bill Labombarde.



      All dispatching and emergency communications are provided by Lincoln County 9-1-1 Communications.






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